Passive Single Coil & Anti-Hum Pickups

1. A pickup does not "have" a sound it only has a "transfer characteristic".(Helmuth E. W. Lemme)

2. Pickups that are given names or years to evoke a time in the past or a sound is pure B.S and marketing hype.

Above is a circuit of a passive guitar pickup  which consists of an Inductor (L), in series with a Resistance (R) and a Capacitance (C) which is in parallel. When building pickups you alter the elements  LCR to produce a required end product - A Pickup !! Marketing name B.S. has no part to play in this final product.  It is an electronic component working within its transfer characteristic.

The pickup is only part of the chain, when fitted into the guitar it works with the pots, capacitor and cable, the cable plays a big part in shaping the tone due to the capacitance between the hot lead and shield, these components make up the second-order-low pass filter.

All pickups that i build are tested on a scope so i know exactly how they will perform.

"Scatter wound"- because of the nature of this winding process being so random there are issues.

1. Random wind cannot be easily duplicated time and again

2. Scatter can cause shorts in the coil which will produce increased eddy currents which will effect the tone.

Ask the pickup builder to tell you what the resonant frequency of his pickups are? what is the inductance? what is the RMS voltage output....if he cannot answer any of these simple questions then move on.........



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